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Main Street Molalla is an off-shoot of the Team for Economic Action in Molalla (TEAM), a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to rebuilding the commercial and industrial core of the community while enhancing the life of the Molalla residents by providing jobs, amenities and small business support. However, we are not "going it alone." We have the guidance and support of both the state and national Main Street programs. As such, Molalla's Main Street project adheres to the following:

Principles of Main Street
The National Trust Main Street Center's experience in helping communities bring their commercial corridors back to life has shown time and time again that the Main Street Four-Point Approach succeeds. That success is guided by the following eight principles which set the Main Street methodology apart from other redevelopment strategies:

1. Comprehensive: A single project cannot revitalize a downtown. An ongoing series of initiatives is vital to build community support and create lasting progress.
2. Incremental: Small projects make a big difference. They demonstrate that “things are happening” on Main Street and hone the skills and confidence the program will need to tackle more complex problems.
3. Self-help: Although Oregon Main Street can provide valuable direction and technical assistance, only local leadership can initiate long-term success through community involvement and commitment to the revitalization effort.
4. Public/private partnership: Successful downtown revitalization organizations must have the support and expertise of both the public and private sectors.
5. Identifying and capitalizing on existing assets: local assets provide the solid foundation for a successful, unique downtown revitalization initiative.
6. Quality: From storefront design and promotional campaigns to special events, quality must be the main goal.
7. Change: Changing community attitudes and habits is essential. A carefully planned downtown program will help shift public perceptions and practices to support and sustain the revitalization process.
8. Action-oriented: Successful downtown revitalization programs are pro-active. They plan for the future.

To learn more about Main Street Molalla, view the annual report linked below.

2010 Annual Report

Would you like to participate? 
Contact Jennifer Sisco at 503-201-2197 or Donna Davey at 503-705-1040

Our Thanks To The Entire 2nd Friday Committee!

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