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A community’s central business district often accounts for as much as 30 percent of a town’s jobs and 40 percent of its tax base. But a downtown is more than an economic asset. It is a community’s crossroad—a place in our hearts and minds that evokes strong emotions and helps define our identity.

It takes more than paint and a few flower baskets to make a Main Street project work. It takes team work and mutual cooperation, taking the long view and keeping an open mind about the future of the community while embracing the best parts of the past.

Molalla is now designated by the State of Oregon as a "Transforming Main Street" community. This means the community is "committed to downtown revitalization using the Main Street Approach® but need technical assistance to take them to the next level."  Many approaches to downtown revitalization, from urban renewal to fix-up projects, fail because they focus on just one or two problems, rather than dealing with the full spectrum of interrelated issues that affect traditional commercial districts. By working with Oregon Main Street and taking advantage of the best minds in the redevelopment field, Molalla is taking a critical step toward rebuilding the local economy.

Oregon Main Street works with communities to develop comprehensive, incremental revitalization strategies based on a community’s unique assets, character, and heritage. Services are based on the successful Main Street Approach® developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and include training and technical assistance. The goal is to build high quality, livable, and sustainable communities that will grow Oregon’s economy while maintaining a sense of place. 

To learn more about Oregon Main Street, please go to:

Molalla Main Street now has more than 40 volunteers, but our work isn't done yet. Consider joining one of the four committees - organization, promotion, design, and economic restructuring.

Organization involves getting everyone working toward the same goal. The work of building consensus and cooperation among groups that have an important stake in the district can be eased by using the common-sense formula of a volunteer-driven program, an organizational structure of a board of directors and committees, and a financially strong organization.

Promotion sells the image and promise of Main Street to all prospects. By marketing the district’s unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, and visitors, an effective promotional strategy forges a positive image through advertising, retail promotional activity, and special events carried out by local volunteers.

Design enhances the visual quality of downtown through attention to all elements of the physical environment. An inviting atmosphere, created through window displays, parking areas, signs, sidewalks, street lights, landscaping, and the buildings themselves, conveys a visual message of what Main Street is and what it has to offer.

Economic Restructuring strengthens the existing economic assets of the business district while diversifying its economic base. By helping existing businesses expand and recruiting new ones to respond to today’s market, the Main Street program helps convert unused space into productive property and sharpen the competitiveness of business enterprises.

For more information, contact Main Street Molalla at 503-829-5003 or

Check out the photos from our Volunteer Appreciation dinner and hoedown in January 2011.  CLICK HERE


    To form unified partnerships with Molalla area businesses, property owners, organizations, and local government. With the involvement and support of community members, collectively we will develop and implement a work plan to preserve the historic qualities, maintain the existing assets, and renew the commercial district in Molalla.

     Main Street Molalla sees community-driven solutions to attract businesses, residents, and visitors to the traditional commercial district. Through local collaboration and volunteerism, the economic vitality and appearance of our community will be enhanced while preserving the traditional character of our beloved Main Street. Building upon Molalla’s strengths and sense of community pride, we will create an enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike.

Would you like to participate? 
Contact Jennifer Sisco at 503-201-2197 or Donna Davey at 503-705-1040

Our Thanks To The Entire 2nd Friday Committee!

Main Street Molalla
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